Friday, January 13, 2017

First blog post

              My name is Jeremy Salazar I'm 22 years existing and born in Albuquerque, NM . I dislike defining my self with external things to represent me. In this modern society when we meet people we ask them what they do? and that generally means what do you do for money, not how do you serve the world or what you do for fun. I feel deep in my heart to serve the world through art and communication (and skateboarding but that's the same to me). Happy Loco is that. The image of fashion is looked at as something not important, but more about looking fancy and cool. I choose to use fashion as a tool. We are walking canvas's waiting to be painted. We have a choice each day to express our selves by the first article of clothing we choose to put on. I believe that each item we choose represents how we feel, what we love and who we are in that moment. That says a lot with out speaking when we go out into the world.

 I have found a large amount of freedom through self expression in the clothes I make and wear. And even more when I began sharing them with others. After making custom clothes on and off for the past year I decided in August 2016 that I was going to go at it even harder thanks to some major inspiration and beautiful friends in my life. I decided to make as many healthy changes in life to get my energy in align and focus fully on this project. I became vegan, took a vow to never do any substances again and also got food stamps (wooo!) Since then I have noticed a huge shift in the people coming into my life and the opportunities being brought to me. I have been experimenting constantly day and night with clothing and studying so many outlets outside of my box.

Photo Joseph Maddon
 In November I opened my etsy store. I cant say it was a instant huge success but the feed back I got was heaven sent. I have been able to reach out to people as far as the United Kingdom so far. Coming from Albuquerque that's pretty crazy for me. Right now I'm beginning to work personally with other friends/models around the country to help spread this love coming from my yoga mat and sleeping bag in Albuquerque. Ill be sharing various shoots involving fashion from Happy Loco here on the site and whatever creative ideas I can get. I am not sure where this idea and project will go but I am going to go as far as I can with it and id like to thank you for being here from the start.